your initial set price also includes your consultation and your 4-6 week touch up! 


Microblading is the perfect semi-permanent solution for those wanting to cover gaps, fill-in, fully reconstruct, or reshape their natural eyebrows. During the microblading technique individual hair strokes are drawn on one by one to define and shape your brows perfectly fitted to your face shape as well as the style in which you are wanting to achieve!  The process includes your initial appointment, a four-six week touch up and then to come back for touch ups anywhere between 3-12 months depending on your skin type and how you take care of them.

Scroll down for pricing and pre-care instructions... 

Microblading Pricing

Consultation - $20 (goes towards your initial appointment)

Initial Appointment - $600 (includes 4-6 week touch up)

6 week - 6 month touch up - $200

6 - 8 month touch up - $300

8 -12 month touch up - $450

12+ month touch up - Is an initial appointment 


Pre Care Instructions

Please read and follow all Pre Care Instructions to assure the best results in giving you the most beautiful brows possible! (After care will be given to you at your appointment)

1 Month Prior to Appointment

Avoid using Acutane or a Retin-A. Please inform your stylist of any other acne medications you may be taking.

1 Week Prior to Appointment

Refrain from taking Vitamin E and Fish Oil Capsules.

24 - 48 Hours Prior to Appointment

Avoid alcohol. caffeine, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, and any other  aspirin products such as blood thinners


Please contact Lashing Out if you have any questions before your appointment!